Parallels Verse snippet

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Category/Rated: Slash

Year/Length: 2008/ ~474 words

Pairing: John/Rodney

Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit, only having fun.

Prompt: Colonel McKay and Colonel Sheppard 'verse.

Series: Parallels Verse


By the time John makes his way down to the infirmary, Doctor Keller already has McKay's broken leg set. McKay is sleeping when John steps into his little curtained off area, his head tilted to the side on the pillow, his hands balled up into fists even in his rest.

John sighs, dragging a hand back through his hair and hesitating at the side of McKay's bed. With anyone else in the city he would be closer, checking to make sure that everything really was okay. But not with McKay. That kind of relationship is lost to them.

Instead John just stands, watching McKay sleep the sleep of the well drugged. There are still smears of dirt on McKay's face, and a scrape across his cheek. His hair is a mess and there's nothing at all written on his cast yet. Somehow, John doubts that anyone will dare to write a thing on it, in any case.

John sighs, and shakes his head. He feels guilty over this, and has no idea why. He wasn't even on the planet when it happened, and if he had been, there would have been nothing he could do to stop it. That's not stopping the sour feeling in his stomach.

On the bed, McKay stirs, making a hoarse sound and snapping his eyes open. John startles, surprised when McKay tilts his head to the side to blink at John, coughing and trying to sit up. McKay looks disoriented, which John figures isn't a surprise, and John steps forward, saying, "Relax, you're in the infirmary. Back on Atlantis," John catches himself before he reaches out to touch McKay's shoulder. He has no right.

McKay just blinks up at John, coughing again after a moment. Finally, McKay rasps, "Kavanagh? Keller?"

"They're both fine," John shakes himself, and reaches out to pour a glass of water. All the ice in the pitcher is melted, but for right now it'll do. He hands the glass over carefully, and McKay just holds it for a long moment, before raising it to his mouth and taking a drink.

McKay closes his eyes again, then, mumbling, "Good, that's good." And John smiles, figuring that McKay will fall back to sleep. That's good. It'll give John a chance to escape, to get out of here. He still isn't sure why he came in the first place. Not really.

John sighs, and starts to step back, and McKay reaches out, moving surprisingly quickly to grab John's wrist. John freezes, staring down to where McKay is holding onto him. McKay's eyes are still closed. As far as John can tell, he's mostly asleep. But he's showing no sign of releasing John.

John stands still as stone for a long moment, and then he shifts, leaning his hip against the side of the bed. He stays right there.

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