Supernatural snippet II

Fandom: Supernatural

Category/Rated: Gen, PG

Year/Length: 2008/ ~409 words

Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit, only having fun.

Prompt: Dean/Castiel [Spn]


"Listen, it's ineffable, that's the point." Castiel waves a hand in a gesture that is far too broad. Dean snorts, grabbing Castiel's wrist and directly the flailing arm away from his head. Castiel takes it as an opportunity to try to grab onto Dean, expression going serious all of a sudden when he says, "It's—" and there's that hand waving again.

Dean wouldn't have thought that angels could get smashed, but he'd apparently been all kinds of wrong. And this had only taken a few shots of tequila. Dean also wouldn't have thought that if angels could get smashed they'd be grabby, chatty drunks, but he'd been wrong about that one as well.

Castiel is frowning at Dean seriously now, patting at Dean's shoulder with his free hand and going on, "Dean? Are you awake?"

Dean says, "No," just to see what Castiel will do. He's aware that might be slightly cruel, but it's also funny as hell, which he figures should count for something. Especially when Castiel proceeds to scrunch up his face, looking completely baffled before reaching out and attempting to poke Dean in the eye. That considerably decreases the amusement factor of the entire situation, and Dean spends the next few minutes attempting to convince Castiel that yes, he is in fact awake, and yes, he has been listening. Which is half true.

Castiel finally settles, fumbling for Dean's glass of tequila. Dean raises his eyebrows but doesn't protest. Castiel manages to spill most of it down the front of his own shirt anyway, so Dean figures that it won't actually make anything worse.

Besides, there's something deeply amusing about the aghast expression that crosses Castiel's face when he realizes that the front of his shirt is soaked through with booze. The angel fumbles for his buttons, and then gives up, flashing Dean a mournful look.

Dean raises his eyebrows and says, "Forget it. You and your ineffable plan can figure it out on your own."

"It's not my plan," it's the first time Dean's ever heard Castiel sound whiny. Dean rolls his eyes and shakes his head. Probably it was a mistake to get Castiel back on the subject of God's plan, because now the angel is showing every indication of going on another long spiel about blah blah, blah blah blah.

Dean sighs, and hefts the tequila bottle again. Castiel might be drunk enough to talk about this, but Dean certainly isn't. Yet, anyway.

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