The Other Side Of Grace Snippet III

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Category/Rated: Gen, PG

Year/Length: 2008/ ~648 words

Pairing: Rodney/Other

Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit, only having fun.

Prompt: The Other Side of Grace!Rodney all grown up into a deliciously pretty teenager and the first boy he brings home to meet (over-protective?) papa!John? (Bonus points if said boy happens to look disturbingly like John in his youth...?)


Mer says, "I met someone in the library today," one night at the dinner table, and something about his tone makes John look up from washing the dishes. Mer has his shoulders curled over the math problems he's breezing through, his feet hooked around the legs of the chair, a little frown of concentration on his forehead.

John smiles just looking at Mer, and shakes his head a little bit, says, "Really," because apparently Meredith is waiting for some kind of response before finishing the story.

Mer looks up then, biting at his bottom lip and fidgeting with his pen. His professors keep asking him to do his work in pencil and Meredith keeps right on doing them in ink just out of spite. John would say something about it, but he's too amused to bother. Besides, Mer's always right.

Finally, Mer says, blushing brilliantly all of a sudden, "Yeah. He...uh, he goes to the high school in town. He's a senior. I told him I'd technically be a junior, if, you know, I wasn't smarter than everyone else in this state." John puts down the washcloth that he'd been using and turns off the sink, because all of a sudden this is looking like a serious conversation.

Meredith looks down at his hands and then up again, focusing somewhere over John's shoulder. His cheeks are red, but the color seems to have drained out of the rest of his face. John wipes his hands down the front of his pants and asks, softly, "What's his name?"

The look Meredith shoots him is a little surprised, and John just raises one eyebrow. Mer squirms a little in the chair before replying, "Tommy. He, uh, said that he'd seen me in there before. He bought me a coffee," Meredith pauses, and then rushes through, "Don't worry, I watched them make it, and took it right from the barista, and he didn't put anything in it or anything."

John blinks, and then shakes his head just a little. He says, "That was very nice of him," and Meredith nods, smiling all of a sudden, huge and bright. And John thinks, oh, as things click into place in his head, one after another.

Meredith is saying, "He, look, he asked if I wanted to go to a movie this weekend. And I do. Is that—are you—I—" Meredith cuts off with an awkward, tense expression, staring up at John like he expects that John might actually say no.

John steps towards Meredith, leans his hip against the edge of the table and reaches out to push Meredith's hair out of his face. Even after all these years, Meredith constantly worries about doing something wrong. John makes himself smile when he says, "I'm going to get to meet him first, right?"

Meredith's expression relaxes all at once, and he rolls his eyes, grumping, "Dad, come on, I'm not a little kid anymore and—"

"Tell him to come a little bit early so I can have a talk with him."

"Dad!" Meredith sounds indignant, but he's smiling too, reaching out to poke John in the side. John rolls his eyes and goes back to washing the dishes, listening to the scratch of pen to paper and trying not to think about Meredith bringing a boy home.

Meredith had always dated girls before, and John had thought, had thought—Well, it wasn't really important. He's never seen Meredith blush over a girl like he is over this guy. John shakes his head, and concentrates on what he's doing.

And later, when he overhears Meredith calling this new boy, he smiles just a little when he hears, "Yeah, my dad wants to meet you. No, hey, I want you to meet him too. He's—yeah. Yeah. Me too. A lot." John takes a deep breath, and wonders which shotgun he should be cleaning when the boy comes over.

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