unconventional heroism snippet

Jul. 31st, 2008

Fandom: SG: Atlantis

Characters: John/Rodney

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Slash, language, violence

Disclaimer: Not mine!


Actually living with John still catches Rodney by surprise sometimes, which is embarrassing and something he will never, ever admit to.

But walking out to the kitchen to find John staring blearily at their (their! his and John's!) coffee maker brings Rodney up short. For a long moment he just leans against the doorframe, taking in John's sleep-messy hair, the way one leg of his boxers is twisted around his thigh, the stubble across his jaw. The image is topped off and perfected by the fact that John is wearing one of Rodney's shirts, inside out and backwards, looking loose and soft on his lanky frame.

Rodney sucks in a breath, soaking in the slow thrum of warmth and want up through the soles of his feet. He crosses the room, barely limping at all, plastering himself up against John's back, hooking his chin over John's shoulder, sliding an arm around John's waist to flatten his hand on John's stomach.

John startles, but then immediately relaxes with a soft hum, leaning his weight back against Rodney, his voice still accusatory and thick from sleep, "Your coffee maker is slow."

Rodney does his best to muffle his snort of laughter against John's shoulder, reaching out to turn the machine on. For a moment John is silent, and then he says, "Oh," and Rodney can almost feel the heat of his blush.

When Rodney manages to contain his amusement, kissing at the line of John's neck instead, since it's right there and all, John groans and tilts his head to the side. Rodney smiles against his skin, nosing up into John's ridiculous hair and sliding one of his hands up under the shirt John's wearing.

He waits until he's breathing against John's ear to murmur, "You're wearing my shirt." Rodney leaves off the 'again'.

John nods jerkily, rubbing back against Rodney, one of his hands braced on the counter for balance. He gasps out, "Yeah," when Rodney nips at the lobe of his ear, running his hand up and down John's stomach, just dipping his fingertips below the waistband of John's boxers.

Rodney grins, "That's all you have to say for yourself?" and stills his hand, feeling the slight tremble in John's stomach muscles, the way John's breathing has gone fast and shallow.

John's voice is half a whine, half gravel rough, "Rodney, please," and it's not like Rodney has ever been able to deny him a damn thing, which, actually, had worked out for the best despite Rodney's many and varied misgivings.

So Rodney rolls his eyes, rubbing his thumb in a small half-circle below John's belly button and then sliding his hand down. He grinds out, "It looks better on you anyway," and brushes his fingertips across the head of John's cock.

John jerks forward into the touch, biting off a groan in the back of his throat. Rodney lets John rock up into his grip, tucks his face against the curve where John's neck meets his shoulder and just listens and feels and drowns in the other man.

"God," John is gasping, one of his arms jerking up, wrapping around the back of Rodney's head, holding on as he rolls his hips. He's grinding back against Rodney with each increasingly desperate movement, and Rodney fists his free hand in John's (his!) shirt, and squeezes his eyes shut, because he'd thought he was going to die, thought that he was going to die and never see John again and by now it seems like that shouldn't bother him anymore but it still does, every damn time.

John comes with a drawn out groan, cock twitching in Rodney's grip, his body quaking with the force of his breathing. Rodney raises his head with a cut off shout, turning John towards him, pushing John up against the counter and kissing him, hard and deep while John's still blissed out from his orgasm. All it takes is one slow grind of his own erection against John's hip, and he's coming himself, gasping against John's mouth.

For a long moment they sag there against one another. John is rubbing his back, knuckles up and down Rodney's spine, and Rodney drops his head back down to John's shoulder, breathing in his smell mixed with John's and the fabric softener.

Beside them the coffee maker beeps to let them know it's finished.


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