Permutationality snippet

Jul. 31st, 2008

Fandom: SGA

Characters: Todd/Rodney/hiveship

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: disturbing!kinky Todd/Rodney/hiveship

Disclaimer: Not mine!


The world smells right when Rodney wakes up. He blinks dazedly up at the ceiling, its soft pink hues warm and alive, and breathes deep the earthy, living scent of the moist air around him. He frowns, sure he must be mistaken, because there should be salt air, hard dead walls around him, there was when he fell asleep, he's sure there was.

When Rodney tries to sit up, his heart is already pounding way too hard. He's not sure if he's scared or relieved, but he thinks it's some mixture of both. The fear kind of wins out when he finds his hands restrained somewhere above his head, the bonds around them firm and unyielding and flesh warm.

Rodney bites at his tongue around the panic building in his chest, trying to tip his head back far enough to see what he's being restrained by. It makes his neck hurt, and sends up white spots behind his eyes, but all he can see is the vague outlines of Wraith interior design. He looks back down, breathing shakily, painfully aware of the pound of his heart against his ribcage.

Okay. He just needs to stay calm. Rodney closes his eyes, taking deep breathes until some of the fear in his hindbrain eases, and then opens them again, intent on taking stock of his situation. His shirt is gone, and, actually, the rest of his clothes are missing as well. The air is warm enough that it's not uncomfortable, except for how it totally is, because he has no idea where he is and he's naked.

His ankles are restrained as well, thick, sticky bonds tight against his skin but not pinching. Whatever he's laying on has a little give to it, and Rodney squirms around, trying to see what else is in the room. Of course, it turns out to be empty.

After another fruitless attempt to free himself Rodney heaves a sigh and settles. He's just considering screaming for help to pass the time when he hears the soft, sucking sound of a door opening. Rodney holds his breath, trying to decide if he should pretend to be asleep, and there's a rough familiar voice, surprisingly close, "Ah, I see you have finally awoken."

Rodney gapes up, managing incredulously after a moment, "Todd? How did—what happened? Where am I? What's going on?"

Todd smiles down at him, all sharp teeth. He sounds amused when he says, "Always so many questions, Doctor McKay."

Rodney scowls, opening his mouth to point out that yes, he has lots of questions, and Todd isn't answering any of them, and then the Wraith reaches out, dragging just the tip of one nail down the side of Rodney's face. Rodney's mouth snaps shut, and he swallows hard, the fear in his stomach overflowing and spilling over into full blown terror.

Todd tilts his head to the side, sitting on the side of the table that Rodney is restrained on, eyes intent on Rodney's face as he slowly traces the lines and curves of Rodney's features. Rodney swallows convulsively when Todd drags his nail across Rodney's bottom lip, and the Wraith pauses, making a soft, "Ah," sound and cupping Rodney's jaw with his hand.

There's a sharp edge to the pressure when Todd presses down. Rodney clenches his jaw as tightly as he can, trying to jerk his head to the side, but Todd is stronger than he is. Rodney changes tactics, snarls, "Try it and I'll bite you."

For a moment Todd just looks at him, and then he laughs, but releases Rodney's chin. His voice is almost gloating, "I thought perhaps you had forgotten." And Rodney just glares at him, trying not to panic, trying to tell himself that John and the others will find him any second now, that he survived this once and he can damn well do it again.

He grits out, trying to stall for time, though he isn't sure against what, "What do you want?"

Todd just blinks, head tilting to the other side as he leans a little closer, the words spoken right against Rodney's mouth, "I should think that to one as intelligent as yourself it would be obvious." He drags one fingertip down the line of Rodney's neck and Rodney tries to squirm away, left with nowhere to go by the restraints.

Todd laughs his dry laugh again, standing and walking over to one of the walls. Rodney tries to twist around to watch him, but his neck just won't bend the way he wants it to. He curses in frustration, and then shouts when the bonds around his wrist jerk, yanking him into a sitting position and then forward, until he's sitting on his heels, arms pulled up, his shoulders aching. The position makes it impossible to take a deep breath, and Rodney drops his chin down against his chest, squeezing his eyes shut and grinding out, "This isn't happening, this isn't happening, this isn't—"

"But it is, Doctor McKay," Todd still sounds smug, and now he's resting one hand on Rodney's thigh. Rodney keeps his eyes closed as tightly as he can, trying to go somewhere, anywhere, else in his head. He tries to remember what the sky over Atlantis looks like, tries to remember the sunlight on his skin, tries to focus on anything but this and can't manage it.

Todd shifts closer, Rodney can feel the Wraith's breath moving across his skin, "Do not be frightened. We wish you no harm. Have we ever harmed you?" And his hand is stroking up and down Rodney's side now, the rough edge of his feeding mark rasping against Rodney's skin.

Rodney manages to get his eyes open, makes himself glare at Todd and spit, "Yes! Or have you forgotten that whole feeding incident?" He doesn't even know why he's bothering to argue in this insane situation. He can't help himself.

Todd blinks at him, stepping even closer, and Rodney tries to shrink back away from him. The bonds hold him in place, and Todd's hand, flattened against his back, makes him freeze. Todd stays there, way too close, and says, "That was a single idiot, an aberration in the greater picture. We care for you. We miss you. How can we not, when she loves you?"

For a moment all Rodney can do is gape, staring across into Todd's alien eyes, his implacable expression, before finally managing to sputter, "Who? The Queen? Why should—"

Todd's laughter cuts him off, booming and surprising, his other hand coming to rest on Rodney's thigh, thumb sliding down the juncture of Rodney's hip and thigh. Todd smiles his toothy smile, "Not the Queen. The Hive."

Rodney can't think of a thing to say to that, speechless as Todd nuzzles against his neck, the Wraith's words spilling across his skin, "Can you not feel her? How she sings for you? How she wants you? How she loves you? We all feel it. Her desires are ours. We cannot resist her. Listen to her, Doctor McKay"

Rodney shakes his head, turning his face against the side of his arm, trying to block out the words. But the damage is already done, his mind wondering if it's true, and like the dam breaking, he can feel it. It washes over him in a rush, affection and joy, relief and possessiveness, swirling up through his mind, filling him up.

Rodney gasps, muscles jerking, nerves overloading. He's dizzy, hanging limp in his bonds, struggling for each breath against the burning wave rushing through him. He can feel, only distantly, Todd's hand sliding up his back, curving around the back of his neck, Todd's voice rough against his ear, "Ours now."

And Rodney wants to shake his head, wants to scream protests, but he can't. He's shaking apart, thoughts gone fuzzy and indistinct, trails of burning hot fire streaking down his cheeks. He hears Todd make a questioning sound, and then Todd is licking him, tongue rough against his cheeks.

Rodney tries to scream, and can't around the pressure in his chest.

Todd hums, licking across Rodney's mouth, open so he can better gasp for breath. Rodney manages a whimper, trying to get his screaming muscles to work, to turn his head aside, but he can't. Todd breathes into his mouth, "Ours now. Say it."

Rodney shakes his head, not sure where he got the strength to manage it, gasping at the burn filling up his body, love and want and need. Todd sighs, sliding his hand down Rodney's back, fingertips sliding across Rodney's ass, curving and gripping as the table unexpectedly lowers, leaving Rodney on his knees, whimpering at the extra strain put on his arms.

"Say it." Todd's voice is a silky demand, his other hand sliding around Rodney's hip, pulling their bodies close and tight together. His leather is cool against Rodney's burning hot skin, his body hard beneath it, inescapable. Rodney gasps, and bites his bottom lip hard.

"Say it." Todd squeezes at his ass, and Rodney's thighs are trembling along with the rest of him. There's no where for him to even try to squirm. Pushing back would just encourage the hands, pushing forward would only rub his body against Todd's. Blood bursts salty in Rodney's mouth, and he swallows.

"Say it" One of Todd's hands move, fingers tracing across the bottom curve of Rodney's ass, and then snugging up and in, and Rodney shouts raggedly, registering dizzy relief that his nails have been cut on that hand, even as the rest of him panics.

Todd nuzzles against his hair, pushing the tip of one thick finger into Rodney's body, "We will never hurt you, Doctor McKay. Say it." and it burns, stretches, and with it comes a renewed throbbing of the Hive's emotions, such huge impossible love that Rodney can't wrap his mind completely around it.

"Say it." And the finger pushes into him, splitting him open while Todd licks up the side of his face and the Hive cocoons him and wraps him up in her love and need and want.

Rodney sobs, tasting blood, "Yours now."


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