Through The Noise snippet

Jul. 31st, 2008

Fandom: SGA

Characters: John/Rodney

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine!


The slow slide of touch up the inside of John's thighs makes him jerk. He doesn't make it very far before strong, familiar, hands curls around his hips, and he grouches, "Fuck, Rodney, you scared the hell out of me," without any real heat behind the words or any real purpose, because it's not like Rodney can hear him anyway.

Rodney blinks up at him from beneath the water, grinning and looking entirely too pleased with himself. John rolls his eyes and relaxes back against the side of the hot spring, glad that Rodney's managing to actually enjoy himself off-world for once, and is just letting his eyes slip closed when Rodney slides one hand across John's stomach, grabs the waistband of his underwear, and tugs.

John says, "Hey, what—" and then cuts himself off because A, he just got hit in the face with his own soaking wet underwear and B, Rodney is currently licking John's cock.

John swallows, considers his options, and then spreads his thighs, gazing intently down through the water to watch. There's a part of him, even knowing what Rodney is, even looking at the gills on his back, that's worrying helplessly that Rodney will drown himself.

John slides one hand beneath the surface of the water, petting back over Rodney's head, gasping when Rodney closes his lips around John's cock and sucks. The heat of the water already feel good against him, but Rodney's mouth is a thousand times better, tongue tracing patterns up and down the length of John's dick, and when Rodney swallows around him, taking him deep, John shouts, the ragged sound echoing loudly through the caverns.

There's nothing he can do to restrain it, though, not with Rodney slowly, slowly, slowly backing off of him and then going down again. Not when Rodney just stays there, John's dick down his throat, breathing through his gills and fuck but John can't help but jerking his hips forward, trying to get deeper.

Rodney hums, vibrates John's entire body with it, and that's the last little bit John needed to plunge headfirst into sensory overload. He slumps down into the water, and probably would have had to worry about drowning himself, but Rodney is catching him, pulling him back up, holding him steady.


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