Blessings snippet

Jul. 31st, 2008

Fandom: SGA

Characters: John/Rodney

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine!


John refused to admit it to anyone but himself. I tried, but he was stubborn.

It takes John a few weeks of experimenting with the condoms to figure them and Rodney's response to them out. After that he takes an afternoon to divide them, working over the task like it's not at all weird to be dividing the condoms that Rodney likes the taste of from the ones that he could go either way for from the ones that he hates.

The coconut condoms are the only ones that end up in the 'absolutely disgusted by' group. John has a special love for the coconut condoms, because while they make Rodney scrunch his nose up, they also mean that John's going to get to fuck the other man.

The chocolate and coffee condoms are the 'absolutely favorite' group, and John has every bit as much love for them. Rodney will blow John for as long as John can possibly hold off orgasm when one of them are involved. Once a combination of cock ring and coffee condom had resulted in a two hour long blow job, and it was so good John had actually thought he had died at least twice.

The rest all end up in the middle ground. John's personal flavor favorites are the cherry, and vanilla, but he's honestly always kind of preferred sucking cock without latex or whatever in the way. Still, he's kind of worried that mentioning that would make Rodney want to not use them anymore either, and he loves the way Rodney looks when he's happily sucking John's coffee flavored cock.

He might be selfish, because he doesn't want to give that up.

He dares anyone that's seen it to not want to see it again as often as possible.

And John is just a little bit disturbed by the part of him that wants other people to see it. He's never in his life been an exhibitionist, and it's a relief to realize that he still isn't. John has absolutely no desire to fuck Rodney or have Rodney suck him off in front of a crowd of people.

He does, however, keep having this twisting urge to get Rodney to suck off or get fucked by a crowd of people in front of him. At first John had done his best to push the rest of the ritual out of his mind, to try to block the way Rodney had looked, taken over and over again, gorgeous and so fucking hot it'd been a miracle John hadn't just come all over himself.

Trying to forget hadn't worked very well, and ignoring it hadn't worked at all. Ronon leans against Rodney to grab something off of his plate in the mess hall and John finds himself wondering what that would look like, how Rodney'd take him, if his eyes would flutter closed, if he'd gasp and groan and whimper. Rodney saves a team of Marines from being trapped in an Ancient trash compactor, and afterwards they all crowd around him and ruffle his hair and John gets so hard that he can't actually move for what feels like a small eternity.

And John wants to tell Rodney, but he doesn't know the words to make it make sense. There are some things that have just never come up in a relationship he's had before, and wanting to watch his partner get fucked by as many other people as want a crack is definitely new.

So John keeps his mouth shut, and hoards the flavored condoms, and waits in eager anticipation for the next consecration festival.

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