Sugar snippet

Jul. 31, 2008

Fandom: SGA/SG1

Characters: Rodney/Vala/John

Rating: NC17

Warnings: Het,

Disclaimer: Not mine!


John isn't, at this point, sure who to blame.

Rodney and Vala are the most obvious choices, with their nakedness and their bedroom eyes and god their everythings. But Zelenka is definitely complicit, because John is sure this wouldn't have happened if he hadn't been drunk on his rotgut. And Sam deserves some blame for bringing Vala here in the first place. And, okay, John is probably at least a little to blame himself, because he probably should have gotten up and left when Vala leaned over Rodney, wrapped a hand around the back of John's head, and kissed him like it was going out of style.

Vala huffs, her hands gripping at John's sweaty shoulders, her body trembling against his even as she blurts, "I should have just got my strap-on so we could both fuck him."

John can hear Rodney's snort of laughter, feel it too, because they're all connected together, a big sex puzzle that started with Rodney sprawled out on the bed and Rodney's blunt, thick fingers slicking up Vala's ass. And John gasps, hips jerking forward, because for just a moment he can feel it.

And then Rodney is saying, voice a low rasp, "We'll fuck you later, John. Now try to pay attention," and John slides his hand over Vala's hip, finding Rodney's thigh behind her and squeezing. He rocks his hips again and Vala hums happily, tilting her head back against Rodney's shoulder and writhing between them.

Rodney is kissing the line of her neck, and John groans, watching and pushing himself up just a little, struggling for a better angle and finding it with a thrust that makes Vala shout something incoherent. John can feel the counterpoint of Rodney's movement, all that strength moving both Vala and John, and he squeezes Rodney's thigh harder, his other hand fisted in the sheets, holding on.

And as they move, finally managing tandem, John thinks that maybe no one's too blame at all.

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