The One Where Aliens Make Rodney Do It... snippet

Jul. 31st, 2008

Fandom: SG: Atlantis

Characters: John/Rodney

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine!


John feels stupid for feeling nervous, because honestly, sex with Rodney has blown his every expectation out of the water thus far. He has absolutely no reason to believe that this will be anything but amazing. But he can't help it, his palms gone sweaty as he rubs them against the sheets, trying to slow down his heart.

Rodney says, "Hey," reaching out and brushing his thumb across John's cheek. If John is scared, then Rodney looks that weird mix of sad and accepting that John hates, "Hey, you don't have to. Or, hey! Look, why don't I do you first, okay?"

Rodney is smiling with his mouth, moving now, and John grabs one of his knees, blurting out, "No, I want to." Because goddamnit he is not a coward, and he does want to. If he's absolutely horrible then, well, Rodney dealt just fine with his kissing. He takes a bracing breath, meets Rodney gaze and repeats, "I want to, just let me."

Rodney swallows heavily, but relaxes back against the headboard again, his cock still hard and up tight against his stomach. John shifts sideways, because Rodney had insisted that this would be easier with John sideways instead of between Rodney's legs. John is yielding to Rodney's superior experience in these matters.

One of his arms goes across Rodney's stomach, his other elbow braced on the bed by Rodney's thigh. John finds himself face to face with Rodney's dick, finds it to be not as intimidating at he'd feared it would be, and exhales just a little shakily with relief.

Rodney reaches out, stroking his knuckles up and down John's arm, and John looks up at him to smile. Rodney looks a little dazed, and blinks rapidly before smiling back. His voice is deeper than it had been when he says, "Just, whatever you want. I'll, uh, tell you if you go astray."

John nods, swallows, and looks back down. Yup, it's definitely a dick. Almost like his, too. Except John has never put his in his mouth before. But other people have. Most recently Rodney. John orders himself to stop stalling, leans down, and licks across the head.

It flops to the side. John blinks, pretty sure that the flopping had not been involved in Rodney's blowjob, and oh God, he's going to do this all wrong. Rodney's voice is shaky, rough, "Your, mm, your hand, you can," he makes a grabbing gesture, "Around the base."

John blinks, and blushes, because that makes sense, and he should have figured it out himself. Still. He has successfully put his tongue at least on Rodney. Nothing horrible happened. John flexes his fingers, and then carefully strokes up and down Rodney's cock just once before taking a steady grip at the bottom. That, at least, he is comfortable with being able to do.

So. Now he has a handful of Rodney's cock. The skin is hot, stretched tight. For him. He made Rodney like this, and he doesn't even know what he's doing, which has to be a major plus in his favor. John breathes out, and tries the licking thing again.

This time everything stays in place, and Rodney makes a tight little sound, his fingers momentarily jerking across John's skin. John feels a burst of pleasure low in his gut, and scoots a little closer, licking until he's got Rodney's dick thoroughly mapped down to his fingers. In the interest of avoiding further floppage, John decides to save the unexplored area for another day.

He shifts a little, pressing a kiss to the head, and Rodney gasps again, something with too many vowels that still sounds a little like John's name. His cock also jerks, which is a weird thing to be feeling second-hand, but not bad.

John might not know everything about blowjobs, but he does know that at some point it's going in his mouth. He's not exactly sure how the logistics of it all are supposed to work, but he has faith. He licks his bottom lip, and cautiously eases his lips down over just the head.

"Oh, god," Rodney's voice is tight and thick, and John tilts his head to the side, trying to look up at his face. John is surprised by the sound his mouth makes when he comes off of Rodney's dick, and he blinks, staring down at the wet skin, his spit, proof that his mouth was just there.

The idea makes John oddly giddy, and he can feel himself grinning, looking up at Rodney, who is all dark eyes and a flush spreading down his chest. Rodney says, breathy and strung out, "You're doing real good," and John grins at him some more before trying his attention back down to Rodney's dick.

This time it's easier to just let his lips slide open. Rodney's cock is a little thick and awkward between them, but it's not so bad. The taste is mostly salt and skin, and John likes the way it feels on his tongue, he licks across the head with it in his mouth, and Rodney curses softly.

John takes it for encouragement, and licks again, dipping his tongue down into the slit, tracing around the flared edge. His mouth is getting full of spit, but John isn't real sure how to swallow like this, and feels a little of it slide out from between his lips in the corner. He slides his hand up to wipe it off of Rodney's cock, and Rodney groans, his hand wrapping around John's bicep and holding on.

John pulls off, concerned, swallowing and looking up. Rodney has his head tipped back, breathing hard, and John is surprised by how rough his voice is when he manages, "Rodney? Did I—are you okay?"

Rodney nods jerkily, his thumb brushing back and forth across John's skin, "Fine. Just. It's good, John, it's real good," and John presses a kiss to Rodney's stomach because he looks unsteady and like he could use it. Rodney makes a soft whimpery sound, so John kisses him again, until he feels Rodney relax a little, and then moves back to his cock.

He pauses, and asks, "What do I do with the spit? I mean, it's kind of just," he gestures, not sure what words he's looking for.

Rodney smiles, rolling his head to the side and humming softly before he speaks, "You can kind of, hm, suck, and that'll get it in the back of your mouth. Or you can take a break when you need to swallow it. You don't have to do—oh."

John repeats the licking that he knows Rodney likes, sliding his hand just a little bit, to see how that's received. Rodney groans, so John figures that's acceptable, and keeps it up, sucking a little when the spit fills up his mouth, and it's a little awkward swallowing, but he gets most of it.

Mostly, though, John is fascinated by the way Rodney curls forward when he sucks. So he does it again. Rodney gasps, "Oh, Jesus, John," his grip on John's arm growing tighter. John wishes he could grin, but he's busy, alternating the licks and the sucks, trying to get some kind of rhythm going with his hand and not managing.

And then Rodney is groaning, "Okay, okay, stop," and John jerks away, wondering what the hell went wrong. Rodney curls forward, one hand wrapping around his dick above John's, and John can feel it when he comes, watching the way it spills across Rodney's fingers.

John breathes, "Oh," and then, "Oh. I did that."

Rodney gasps, "You sure did." And John laughs, pulling himself up, pressing Rodney down against the pillows and kissing him hard.


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