Not the Fine Man... snippet

Jul. 31st, 2008

Fandom: SGA

Characters: John/Rodney

Rating: R

Disclaimer: Not mine!


John croons, "You did so good, buddy," and shifts over him, kisses warm and soft against Rodney's shoulders, his hand stroking up and down the length of Rodney's dick. Rodney gasps, still tasting fire and blood in the back of his throat, pushing back, because John is being a fucking tease, barely pressing into him at all.

"You did amazing," and John's other hand is sliding up Rodney's chest, fingers pinching at one of his nipples, hard enough that it hurts, a shock of pressure through his nervous system that has him jerking away from the pressure. That only makes John tighten his fingers, and purr, "That's it, feels good, don't it?"

Rodney groans, hands gripping at the sheets, his voice barely audible, "Your dick would feel better."

John laughs, and Rodney can perfectly picture his grin at, "Pushy," but then he's actually sliding in, and it's still so slow, but god so good. Rodney squirms around, whining in the back of his throat, rocking as best he can and John drawls, "How about I just let you fuck yourself on it? Wanna do that?" and his hands are coming off Rodney's body, his weight not pinning Rodney to the bed anymore.

It takes Rodney a moment to get his breathing under control, and then he groans, pushing up to his elbows, shifting forward, gasping when John slides out of him. Behind him, John grunts, and though he rests his hands on Rodney's hips he isn't pulling or holding.

Rodney squeezes his eyes shut, biting his bottom lip and shoving back, feeling each inch. It takes him a moment to find his rhythm, to get used to the shift forward and back, but then he does and it's perfect. Rodney turns his mouth against the side of his arm, panting hard, feeling John's grip on his hips get steadily tighter until he's squeezing hard enough to hurt.

John gasps out, "God, it was so beautiful," and Rodney sees the fire and the explosions of a world dying, and thinks he comes more from that than any of the physical stimulation John's providing.


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