Branding 'Verse snippet II

Jul. 31st, 2008

Fandom: SGA

Characters: Rodney/Ronon

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine!


Technically, Rodney shouldn't be able to push Ronon around. But Ronon has absolutely no intention of resisting, so when Rodney shoves at his back when they enter the locker room, Ronon just goes with it. They end up in the corner between the lockers and the vests.

Ronon looks down at Rodney, eyebrows raised in question, and Rodney smirks back up at him, hands braced on Ronon's chest to push him back against the wall, voice sharp and teasing, "Remember, not a peep," as he sinks down to his knees.

Ronon bites his tongue against a swear, staring down at Rodney, the man's pale fingers loosening Ronon's pants, pulling them open, fuck, drawing out his cock. Ronon grunts, and Rodney pinches his thigh, making a big production of raising one finger to his lips and frowning.

Across the room, not ten feet away, Lorne's team is talking and gearing up. There are slaps on the back and equipment checks and a few of them nod Ronon's way, smiling and friendly. And Ronon clenches his jaw up as tightly as he can, locking his knees when Rodney takes Ronon's half-hard dick into his mouth and sucks.

Lorne is grabbing his P-90, checking the chamber and grabbing spare ammunition, nodding at Ronon and asking, "Looking forward to another adventure?" And Ronon can feel Rodney's soft snort of amusement, transmitted right up through his cock, which Rodney has down his throat.

Ronon scowls, throwing all of the glowering intimidation he can into the expression, and Lorne sighs before turning away. And Ronon reaches down, fisting his hand in Rodney's curls and giving in to the need to rock his hips, Rodney humming around him and urging him one, hands pulling and tugging at Ronon's thighs.

And then Lorne is calling, "Hey, Sheppard! Running late this morning?" and Ronon thumps his head back against the wall and feels Rodney swallowing around him when he comes.

By the time Sheppard and Teyla step into sight, Ronon has his dick tucked away, and Rodney is straightening his hair, his own hard-on just noticeable through his BDUs. Sheppard and Teyla give them questioning looks, but don't ask, and Rodney waits until they're past to plaster himself up against Ronon, breathing against Ronon's ear, "You better take care of this in the Jumper," and rubbing his erection against Ronon's thigh.

Yeah, Ronon can do that.

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