Sugar snippet II

Jul. 31st, 2008

Fandom: SGA

Characters: Rodney/Vala

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine!


Vala says, digging her long fingers into the aching muscles of Rodney's shoulders, "You know you are entirely too tense?"

Rodney mumbles into the pillow, not really bothering to try enunciation. It's been an age and a half since someone gave him anything close to a massage, and Vala is easing aches that he's been carrying around so long he's forgotten what it feels like not to have his nerves pinching.

Above him, she snorts, leaning her weight forward, pressing her thumb down hard into the center of a knotted muscle and Rodney bites his bottom lip, breathing through the white hot pain and into the relief beyond it. She says, "Shoulders like these should not be allowed to get in this condition," smoothing her hands up and down the line of his spine now, his skin feel raw and tender under her touch.

Rodney stretches, and the absence of pain makes him groan. He twists his face to the side, luxuriating in her thighs on either side of his hips, in the smooth silk of her panties pressed against his lower back, "I keep telling people that."

She huffs, sliding her hands up back, following the line of his arms, stretching herself out over him. Her breasts press up against his shoulder blades, soft and warm, her hair sliding like silk against his skin. She presses a kiss to his shoulder, and he squeezes her hands, her body heat soaking down into his abused back.

After a moment she grins, biting lightly at his neck and asking, "Are you hard?"

Rodney feels himself blush, an automatic reaction, and she laughs, delighted. She's shifting up and pulling on him, and Rodney asks, "Does this mean I'm getting a happy ending?" Rodney sits up, stretching his shoulders, taking a deep breath and just enjoying the fact that it's pain fee.

And then Vala tosses her panties at his head, grinning at him and cupping one of her own breasts, voice teasing, "I fully intend on getting one as well." Rodney crawls up to her, kissing the swell of her hip, listening to her moaning sigh, sliding his hands up the backs of her thighs and cupping her ass, squeezing.

She slides her fingers back through his hair, trailing her nails down the back of his neck as he kisses his way up her side, across her ribs. The longest strands of her hair just curl against the tops of her breasts, and Rodney blows them out of the way, looking up to watch her bite her bottom lip. When he draws one of her nipples into his mouth she groans, low and throaty, and curls her arm around the back of his neck, holding him close.

He pulls back enough to groan out, "You have great breasts," and she laughs again, tilting his face up and kissing him sloppy and hard. Rodney slides a hand up her back, tangling his fingers in her hair as she pushes at him, shoving him back onto his heels.

When she breaks the kiss, she's still smiling, wrapping one arm around his neck and then both legs around his waist. Rodney groans, biting his tongue hard when she rubs wet and hot up against him. He has to get both hands on her ass again, supporting her weight as she reaches down between them, lining him up and then twisting her hips, taking him inside her.

She throws her head back, moaning up to the ceiling, her heels digging into his back. Rodney shifts his grip on her, hands more under her thighs than her ass, enough that he can lift her, moving her body up and down. Vala gasps, "Yes, there," and Rodney drops his head forward, not even feeling the strain in his arms, shoulders, back.

Their bodies slide slick together, limbs all tangled, her legs around his waist rhythmically tightening and relaxing. Rodney kisses at the skin across her shoulders, rocking his hips up as he lowers her, and she cries out, all surprised pleasure.

She's gripping the back of his head, her other arm wrapped over his shoulders, fingers gripping at him hard. Rodney rocks up into her again, finding the balance between her weight in his arms and the fire in his blood, and she says his name, breathy and pleasure drunk, nails dragging across his skin.

Now she's moving against him, writhing against his chest, burying her face against his neck, breathing fast and hard, moans and soft words stuttering out of her mouth. Rodney echoes her, not hearing himself over the thunder of his pulse in his ears, gripping at her thighs and pressing open mouthed kisses against her skin.

When she comes, she bites at the line of his neck, her hands gripping spasmodically at his shoulders and arms, her legs going vice tight around him. Rodney gasps, all wrapped up in her, blurting, "Fuck, fuck, come here," and it doesn't make sense but she understands anyway, shifting up against him, finding his mouth with hers and he kisses her until he feels dizzy, hips moving jerkily until she sucks on his tongue and that's it.

Afterward, Rodney just holds her, because he doesn't quite remember how to let her go.

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